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UHS is the culmination of years of fantasy hockey experience.  It is a centrally driven program from our hockeysim.ca domain and was designed to pick up where other simulators have left off.  It began with a crude set of web links back in 2004 and has evolved to what you see today.

While the majority of UHS was hand-developed by myself, the credit does not lie with me alone.  Anyone that has ever made any post in the Technical Issues forum or made suggestions or comments on how to improve UHS has played a crucial role in ensuring UHS is the most realistic hockey simulator around.

I would like to extend my thanks to any league that has run UHS during beta and specifically thank the TJHL for their patience as they are the original (and current) testbed for UHS in all its incarnations.  Specifically, Jon Lau has put in tremendous work and single-handedly re-developed the retirement and re-rate logic and built an Instant Messenger.

What makes UHS different from other hockey sims?

  • UHS is a centrally driven program from our own domain.
  • There is nothing to download for COMs or GMs.  Everything is hosted on our own domain.
  • UHS is constantly being updated with new feature requests from our users.
  • You can access UHS at any time as long as you have a web browser and internet connection.
  • UHS is a home-grown, hand-coded program by hockey fans just like you.

What are some of UHS’ features?

  • You can hold live entry drafts!
  • You can chat instantly with any other online GMs in your league.
  • Create your own players!  Lace ’em up and hit the ice!
  • Live Games!  You can watch your team trash your opponents when your COM sims games using Live Game mode.
  • Access to support from the HockeySim.ca Forums.

What does UHS cost?

  • Nothing.  Any money that comes in is through the generous donations of our users and whatever ad-revenue I can drum up.

Interested in Investing in UHS or Advertising with us?  Only serious inquiries will be considered.  Please contact us at uhs@hockeysim.ca

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