UHS Build 12529 – Does Copying Leagues Violate the GDPR?

UHS Build 12529 – May 2018
It’s been a bit since the last build release. This one required a lot of work around savepoint management as we needed to be able to make a full copy / backup of a league before allowing you to actually copy another person’s league. That’s right, you can now copy another person’s league (with their permission, of course). We also had to update the site to be GDPR compliant. That was fun. We’ve also added Pro Team Rivalries, assigning players to a team on creation and allowing you to supply a list of names for player creation.

GDPR & Email Changes
The EU’s deadline for GDPR compliance is May 25 and is approaching quickly. We’ve made some changes to comply with the new regulations concerning information and email governance and control.

– All accounts will be automatically set to require users to either opt in or opt out of system emails. You will not be able to use UHS until this is done.
– You must agree to receive emails from UHS otherwise you will not receive Trade Notification emails even if you opted in to those.
– Users will be able to delete their Real Name and Email from the system in the Account Preferences section.
– If you delete your email and then forget your password, your account is going to be irrecoverable. I highly recommend you do not do this.

League Idle Warnings
The danger here is that with the new GDPR regulations, we potentially have a scenario where all users have opted out of receiving system emails, so no one will receive the automatically generated League Idle Warning email. Leagues will still be deleted regardless of whether anyone has opted in to receive such warning emails or not.

New Account Creation Changes
Due to the GDPR compliance changes, all new accounts will no longer automatically email the user their username and password. Instead, the user that creates the account, typically the Owner or COM in the case of GM accounts (or GMs in the case of creating Assistant GM accounts), will now be shown a username and automatically generated password that they must give the new user personally.

The new user can then log in, set their email preferences and change their password as desired.

League Copying
Premium Leagues that have a paid subscription (ie. not Trial Premium leagues) have the ability to allow any other league (Premium or not) to make a copy of it. A code will be generated by the origin league to be used in the new Tools > Copy Code page.

When creating the code, the owner has the option of it being just a base copy or a full copy that includes statistics and league history. With just a base copy, the destination league (the league using and entering the code) will be reset back to Season 1 Off-Season, however, with a full copy, the destination league will start off at whatever stage the origin league is at, complete with any games already played.

A code may only be used once and will expire after 24 hours if not used.

Copying a league will not copy the league’s Premium status, nor will it copy the origin’s member information (that would be a pretty big privacy issue right there). Other than that, all data will be copied, including the origin league’s player faces.

As with all data handling, we highly recommend creating a SavePoint before using a CopyCode.

Save Point Changes
We changed some things behind the scenes as it was necessary to allow League Copying to get developed. When creating a SavePoint, your league’s player faces will be included in the SavePoint file. When loading a different SavePoint, the current face files will be deleted and replaced with the face files from the SavePoint being loaded. Additionally, when performing a League Reset, all face files will be deleted.

Face files cannot be recovered once deleted, so keeping them backed up through SavePoints will be more important than ever.

Additionally, all SavePoints will now be compressed to help save us disk space on the server. Testing has shown there is a marginal increase in SavePoint saving & loading, so you really shouldn’t notice anything drastic.

Team Rivals
Leagues can now set rivalries between teams. There is no impact on player performance, however, it does trigger an automatically successful bonus marketing revenue check. If either team is a rival of the other, the home team will receive extra money from the Bonus Marketing category.

Rivalries are only applicable to pro teams. During the Off-Season, the COM can edit a pro team to select another pro team it has a rivalry with. Marketing percentages can be modified in the Settings -> Game Settings page.

Assigning Created Players to Teams
When creating players, COMs will now be able to select which UHS Team the created player will get assigned to. There are some things you should keep in mind when selecting a team for assignment:

– Salaries / Contracts will use the League’s Minimum Salary & Contract unless you are using the NHL Player / Team import. NHL Players assigned to teams will use pre-generated salaries at a 1-year contract.
– Creating mass amount of players will not check the player type and team assignment. It will be possible to create 50 junior players and assign them to a pro team.

List of Names for Player Creation
We’ve rearranged the Add Players tools temporarily (until we go do a full site re-design), adding a new option to mass player creation: List of Names. You can now supply a list of player names and, optionally, their countries of origin when creating 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 players. The list will be used in the order that you have supplied and once it has run out, random names and countries will be selected (as usual) for the remainder of player creation.

All entries must be separated by a semi-colon. For example: Sydney Crosby, Canada; Alex Ovechkin, Russia;

If you opt to not supply a country, you can do both Sydney Crosby; Alex Ovechkin, ;  Both formats are acceptable.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– Compare Teams will now have an additional “Overall” category at the bottom of the comparisons.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where player skill classes were not always being modified when a player was being trained. Hotfix: Jan.29 2018.
– Fixed an issue where some new leagues were not being created with the goaltender timer and differential settings. Hotfix: Feb.1 2018.
– Fixed an issue where Auto-setting a shoot-out list was resulting in errors. Hotfix: Feb.4 2018.
– Updated the AutoGM trade logic to make unusable players detract from the value of the trade. Hotfix: Feb.20 2018.
– Fixed an issue where the Leadership Bonus was being based on the pro team’s maximum games played instead of their current games played. Hotfix: Mar.3 2018.
– Fixed an issue where the Leadership Bonus was only being applied to players that played 50% of the pro team’s maximum games played instead of 25%. Player must still be considered “pro”, having more pro games than farm or junior. Hotfix: Mar.3 2018.
– Fixed an issue where Tournament-style All-Star schedules would stop being created after the round of 8. Hotfix: Mar.16 2018.
– Fixed an issue where the COM’s Ticket Price alert was directing leagues to our test system. Hotfix: Apr.11 2018.
– Fixed an issue where unassigned junior players were being placed in free agency in standard leagues. This issue resulted in system slow downs. Free Agents may only be 21+ in standard leagues.  Hotfix: Apr.12 2018.
– Junior teams will no longer automatically create replacement players to fill incomplete rosters if the league is still in the Off-Season. Once the league advances to the Pre-Season (and beyond), junior team rosters will be set and players created if necessary. Hotfix: Apr.15 2018.
– Fixed an issue where deleting a lawyer option would instead delete a corresponding medical facility. Hotfix: Apr.27 2018.
– Fixed an issue affecting some leagues saving scouting cost options. Hotfix: Apr.27 2018.

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