UHS Build 10235 – Bit of a Maintenance Build


This build focuses more on fixing the all-star scheduling issue as well as allowing UHS to perform more efficiently with large leagues. The all-star scheduling bug fix took a LOT of effort to fix… I really do not like working with date adjustments. Large leagues began forcing the AutoGM to run for more than a minute so it would start overlapping, creating an imbalance for AutoGM teams that were run first (they got to go twice) vs. teams that were run last. Next build is going to be a doozy I think.

Large Leagues and AutoGMs
All of our AutoGM cron jobs are set to run once a minute. Typically this is more than enough time for regular leagues. There are times when leagues can get quite large, either due to lots of AutoGM teams, tons of players or a multitude of other reasons. The AutoGM itself is built to be run as a single piece of logic on its own. If the job happens to run longer than a minute, it will start again. This can lead to various undesired effects that can disrupt the league overall.

As a result we have begun to track and record AutoGM job times. For leagues that require the job to run longer, the frequency between AutoGM jobs will be increased. This is an ongoing process, so if your league changes and requires less use of the AutoGM, the frequency between jobs will decrease back to 1 minute. To determine the length of time between AutoGM jobs, we always round up to the next minute. If your league needed 2m 30s to run the AutoGM it will be set to run once every 3 minutes.

You will be able to find the frequency (in minutes) for the AutoGM job in the login panel beside the DB information in parenthesis. As an example: DB 1-uhstjhl (1). This means 1 is the LeagueID, uhstjhl is the League’s database name and the (1) means the AutoGM runs every minute.

At this point the code and databases are as optimized as I’m going to get them and I would really rather not limit leagues to the number of teams or players, so this is the only compromise I have to go with.

All-Star Schedule Adjustments
We’ve made some changes to improve how the all-star game or tournament is added to the league. Previously we had some issues with the regular season remaining on the league’s desired days of the week when adding all-star games or deleting the existing all-star schedule.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– In the Login Panel, the DB data has changed to LeagueID-LeagueDB (AutoGMTime).
– In the Team Home section, users can now click on upcoming Pro team opponents to compare their teams.
– The AutoGM will no longer consider players with 0 years left on their contracts for salary purposes.
– Junior players created after Season 1 will now be aged 15-16 instead of 15-20.
– Players created with an empty Country field but a set Last Name will no longer have a randomized Last Name assigned.
– Fixed an error where the cost of Mass Coach Scouting was $0.

Hot Fixes
– Released several back-end hotfixes to fix some improper code syntax. Hotfix: August 19 2016.
– Fixed an issue where declined trades from AutoGMs were not appearing on the Latest Transactions page. Hotfix: September 2 2016