UHS Build 8305 – Assistant GMs Are Here (David)

asstgmThis is a bigger build than I would have liked but deciding to do the Assistant GM development meant a lot of code changes to accommodate the new security level. The development also uses ajax for the Asst.GM account permissions so you don’t have to constantly refresh the entire page when changing a single setting. Once you click the permission to change, it’s changed in the system.

I was able to do a few other things like add account locking at the COM level and modified the Undraft option to be a true full Undraft function… when a pick is undrafted, the team can go back and re-use that pick. The current pick will now be highlighted in green so it’ll be easier to see who’s pick it is… this is especially useful when a pick was Undrafted.

Assistant General Managers Have Arrived!
A long-standing development idea was to give a GM the ability to hire their own Assistants. One of the requirements for introducing such a role was the ability for the GM to set permissions. Anyone that is NOT an Asst.GM will be able to create an Assistant GM account and assign it to a team. The COM or the GM of the team the Asst.GM is assigned to can edit their Permissions. If a GM wants to hire an Assistant, they are not required to wait for the COM to add their account… the GM can do it from the Team > Assistants menu.

The COM / GM can edit the Assistant GM’s permissions, basically their ability to manage certain sections of the team. By default, all Permissions are set to Enabled… this means the Asst.GM will be able to function as a FULL GM for the team. You can edit the Permissions by clicking the “Perm.” button for the user you want to manage. With Permissions you can get your Assistants focused on particular areas of your team… perhaps one that only focuses on Scouting and Draft picks and another on just Rosters and Lines.

You can toggle the following 28 Permissions On or Off:
– Setting the team’s Draft List.
– Making Draft Picks.
– Managing Free Agent Offers.
– Making Waiver Claims.
– Buying new Arena Seats.
– Setting Team Ticket Prices.
– Managing Lawyer Settings and Initiating Suspension Appeals.
– Managing Medical Facilities and Staff.
– Changing the Junior Scouting Investment.
– Setting Pro or Farm Roster, Lines and Shoot-Out lists (each are individually).
– Coach Management (which includes Coach Free Agency, Hiring, Firing and Scouting other Coaches).
– Setting Player Protection.
– Retiring Jerseys.
– Ability to Create Makeweights if they’re needed.
– Train Junior Players.
– Make decisions on RFA Compensation (*COUGH* David)
– Make, Void, Accept or Decline Trade Offers.
– Scout Individual Players.
– Buy Out or Release Players from the Team.
– Offer New Contracts to Players.
– Place Players on Waivers.
– Move Players between Pro, Farm or Juniors.
– Change Positions on Junior Players.

Account Locking
COMs now have the ability to lock a user’s account instead of simply re-assigning the team, deleting them or changing the password. Accounts that are locked out will not receive emails from UHS, even if it is to reset a password or receive trade notifications.

Goalie Fatigue Injuries
Goalies sustaining injuries due to Fatigue (playing in too many consecutive games) will now use a different table of injuries to describe what has happened instead of using the regular injury table (sustained from another player or blocking a shot). The injuries will be one of: Neck, Shoulder, Groin, Hip, Hamstring, Upper Body, Lower Body, Biceps, Back, Quadriceps, Thigh, Knee, Calf.

UnDraft and Pick Highlighting
The UnDraft option will now also completely reverse the team’s draft pick used for the UnDrafted player selected. This will also mean that the draft will skip back to the earliest available draft pick… typically the team you just UnDrafted for. It sometimes might be hard to see who’s pick it is next when undrafting a player since a pick can be undrafted from anywhere in the draft, so we’ve added a green high-light on the team who’s pick it is next.

Players selected by Ad Hoc method are not applicable for UnDrafting since it doesn’t actually take up a draft pick. To reverse these players the COM will need to release them from the team via the Teams page.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Changes
– Corrected text in the Regular Season -> PlayOff advance league screens that incorrectly showed pre-season schedule not being completed instead of regular season.
– Fixed an issue where the Draft Player for GM button was not using the correct css id.
– The Movement History when viewing a player’s profile will now appear even if you are looking at the player’s Awards or Scouting reports.
– Team shoot-out lists can now be set during the Off-Season.
– Added proper error messages for when players are not available for drafting.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to double-click on Schedule creation and cause duplicate games to be created. Released June 29 2015.
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to for a league to be created using the NHL or NHL/AHL/OHL templates and not have draft picks created. Released July 11 2015.
– Fixed an issue where Will Acton’s age was 3. Released on July 15 2015.
– Fixed an issue where COMs attempting to place players on waivers on behalf of teams would result in an error. Released on July 15 2015.