UHS Build 8053 – Congrats to the Blackhawks!

chicago-blackhawks-win-2015-stanley-cupCongratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning their third Stanley Cup in six years! Yes, it’s been over two months since I released some new stuff. Between managing a number of other websites and my own personal health issues, I barely had time to deploy anything. I’m not sure how things are going to happen over the next 2-3 months, especially with my boys out of school for the summer… I’m hoping I will be able to deliver a small build similar to this one at the very least.

Two-Way Contracts
UHS has added support for Two-Way Contracts. The COM now has two settings available to them… the Two-Way Value and the Two-Way Penalty. Any player with a yearly salary that is over the Two-Way value will be paid the full amount of their contract regardless of whether they are on the Farm or Junior team. The Two-Way Penalty is a modifier that applies to the signing chance is the yearly salary being offered to the player is equal to or lower than the Two-Way Value.

By default we are disabling this (Two-Way Value is set to $20.000 million and Two-Way Penalty is set to 0%) so that leagues can choose whether they want to implement this feature. If your league allows contract values exceeding $20 million / year, you can still disable this the Two-Way salary option by making the Two-Way Value higher than your league’s Salary Maximum.

Pre-Season No Longer Mandatory
The Pre-Season is no longer mandatory. Previously a Pro-level Pre-Season schedule was required to be created and played through in order to advance to the Regular Season. You will still be prompted / reminded that a schedule can be created only during the Off-Season. If you are already playing a Pre-Season schedule and decide you just want to skip ahead, you will be able to do so… you’ll just get a reminder saying the schedule isn’t completed, however, you will still be able to advance to the Regular Season.

RFA Compensation and Draft Picks
We have put in a fix to remove Draft Picks attached to unresolved RFA Compensation decisions from being offered as part of a trade or other RFA Compensation packages. The draft picks attached with the RFA Compensation decision will be made available again once the decision has been made to Keep the Player or Accept Compensation.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where sometimes a PK Pct would appear as 999.99% in the League Standings.
– Fixed an issue where Farm Team names would appear twice when double-clicking the Log In button.
– Fixed several issues (stats not showing, stats misplaced) with the Hall of Fame page on the Public Sites.
– Team Club names will now also appear in the Activity Report for players that were injured or suspended instead of just the Team City.
– Teams will now require a Club name upon creation or edits unless they are an All-Star level team.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the Contract drop-down was empty for Free Agency offers. Released on April 16 2015.
– Fixed an issue where the Wages appearing the Salary leagues were only showing the Salary value. Released on May 2 2015.
– Fixed an issue where the RFA Min Offer pct value for Contract Offers was always showing 0. Released on May 2 2015.
– Fixed an issue where RFA compensation was not being transferred to the original team. Released on May 2 2015.
– Fixed a behind-the-scenes issue where the AutoGM would attempt to insert coaches into free agency even though they were already there. Released on May 3 2015.
– Fixed an issue where Auto-GMs were still moving players down to the farm team even if the COM has Farm Leagues disabled. Released on May 7 2015.
– Fixed an issue where new Players and Coaches could be retired early (and subsequently deleted). Released on May 7 2015.
– Fixed an issue where 21-year olds were not being shown in the Available Prospects report. Released on May 9 2015.
– Fixed an issue where unbalanced leagues could sometimes time-out when creating schedules. Going forward there is no longer a division requirement for removing games when leagues are unbalanced. Released on May 18 2015.