UHS Build 7851 – New Dedicated Server!

serversUHS Build 7851 – February 18 2015
Yep… another technical build release. It’s really to update the build number with all the hotfixes I had to put out after the last build. The last build made it painfully clear that remaining on the VPS just was no longer an option. We have successfully moved everything over to a Dedicated Server. Being the sole occupant of a server is great…  we get FULL CPU usage… our cron jobs went from 25 seconds on average to FOUR seconds. Crazy stuff… never thought it would be such a huge improvement.

Our databases remain on a dedicated VPS… we can move those over to our new Dedicated Server if needed. So far everything is looking pretty stable.

Also, I’ve added a Patreon link to the right side of the page. This is to allow folks to donate a monthly contribution to helping keep UHS up and running. I have put up some Milestones as well. As always, UHS will be free regardless of whether you want to help contribute. All folks that contribute have my gratitude and sincere thanks. We continue to grow (hence the necessity of moving to a dedicated box) and I’m hoping with some additional funding we can continue along the path to do some truly awesome things. Thank you for your support!

SavePoints & League Advancement
Leagues will no longer be allowed to advance past the Playoff if they have 5 or more SavePoints. Currently the SavePoint maximum is 5… transitioning between PlayOff and Off-Season requires a SavePoint to be created, so the league can only have 4 by the end of the season.

Bug Fixes
– None

Hot Fixes
– Several (read: metric crapton) cron and system hotfixes immediately after deployment of build 7802 on February 12 2015.

UHS Build 7802 Released – Middle of the Night

cloudy-full-moon-1440x900-4b87It’s the middle of the night… the build has been released. Things look good…  I’m tired… but not tired enough to sleep… OHHH…  Happy Birthday to my youngest boy… he’s a whopping FIVE years old now. I just realized we’re after midnight, so today is his big day. :-D

UHS Build 7802 – February 12 2015
This is another mostly technical build. We briefly tested out grouping leagues based on their DB size and setting up a cron job for each league… now I’m going a step further to add a cron job for each league. What does this mean to you? Not much hopefully… other than when the system gets super busy, you won’t need to wait for your games to be simmed… each league will have it’s own sim job kick off.

I’ve also added a new custom error reporting tool to let me know immediately when there is a sim error with detailed information. I’m hoping that once this is deployed I can get rid of some of the more elusive bugs that have troubled some users.

I think should be one of the last major technical upgrades I need to do… our scaling should be good and it should free up some more of my time to concentrate on adding more enhancements and such.

GM Team Home
The Upcoming Games section for both Pro and Farm teams have been updated to show the number of games remaining in the season. Upcoming Games will now only show you the games in the current stage of the Season: PreSeason, Regular, PlayOff…. previously, Upcoming Games showed any unplayed games in the schedule.

Sim Engine
I’ve replaced the default error handler with a custom one to email me directly on any error, warning or even a notice when the simulator encounters issues. I’ve already identified a handful of minor issues that will be addressed as a bug fix in this build or as a hotfix. As the user, you should NOT see any of these errors… if you do, please copy and paste them into a ticket to UHS Support.

Contract Offers – technical change
Nothing to really see here… just moved the Contract Offer logic into it’s own function… should not impact anything when you make offers to your players.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the Goalie Change on Goal Difference will no longer give 0 goals as an option.
– Fixed an issue where an Away player would sometimes not have their PIM updated when receiving a Game Misconduct.

Hot Fixes
– Released a set of admin tools and updated code to configure UHS Group sizes through the UI. Released as hotfix on January 18 2015.
– Fixed an issue where All-Star games could not be played. Released as hotfix on February 1 2015.
– Fixed an issue that prevented teams from being changed to AutoGM while a season was in progress. Released February 3 2015.
– Fixed an issue that prevented leagues from advancing from Off-Season to Pre-Season if they had active All-Star teams. The error messaging would also falsely indicate a problem with the Farm league’s conference / division structure. Released February 3 2015.
– Fixed an issue where a team’s abbreviation could change when saving an edit to the team while the league’s schedule / season was in progress. Released February 4 2015.