UHS Build 7723 Released – Freezing Cold

frozenUHS Build 7723 – January 14 2015
This build is primarily a bug and hot fix release. There are a few minor updates to the UI and the system. The system should now be good to handle added traffic with minimal maintenance or human input.

Player Sorting in Game Results
Going forward all player data in Game Results will be sorted by the player’s position in this order: C, LW, RW, F, D and the player’s last name. Games played prior to this build will not use the player last name as a sort option.

Cron Job Updates Released as Hotfixes
I released cron job update code for the AutoGM and LiveGameUpdate based on the changes I had made for the General job. We’ll now get a crontab that updates dynamically as UHS grows. All I really need now is some method of automatically creating new mysql databases when they’re needed. Released on December 31 2014.

Miscellaneous Changes
– Total Rerate will now show a “+” sign if the rerate value is greater than 0 and Show Skills is enabled.
– Chemistry data will now be hidden for leagues that do not use Chemistry.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where a user could still enter a SavePoint name even if they had 5 or more SavePoints.
– Fixed an issue where the messaging for Player Training and Team Lawyers were not being properly formatted when the COM is advancing the season from Pre-Season to Regular Season.

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where new leagues were not being created. Released as hotfix on December 29 2014.
– Fixed a syntax error that prevented live game data from being deleted once the game had been processed. Released as a hotfix on December 29 2014.
– Fixed an issue where Team City, Club, Abbreviation and Level were allowed to be edit despite being in a schedule. Released as a hotfix on December 30 2014.
– Released some administrative stat tracking tools on December 31 2014.
– Fixed an issue where SavePoints were not allowed to be created despite there being less than five SavePoints present. Released as hotfix on January 1 2015.
– Fixed an issue where Scoring and Penalty summaries were not being displayed in the correct order when viewing Game Results. Released as hotfix on January 4 2015.
– Fixed an issue where changing a team’s level (say Farm to Junior) would result in the team’s name not being shown for previous season’s standings. Released as hotfix on January 7 2015.