UHS Build 7250 – Juniors & Waiver Rules

hatcherUHS Build 7250 – October 2 2014
Build number wise this doesn’t appear to be a big build… but it does have some fairly big changes… primarily focused around the juniors. We are changing how UHS handles junior players as we want the simulator to be more in line with the relationship between the NHL and CHL (juniors). These new rules will take effect immediately.

Additionally, we’ve added a toggle for injuries/suspensions for junior leagues only and have also updated our Waivers rules to reflect the real world (ie. players must clear waivers before being allowed to be traded).

New Junior Age Rules / Limitations
In order to be inline with how the CHL and NHL work, the following rules are now in place for all junior players:
– Players aged 15 – 20 are now considered “Junior” and are allowed to play for a junior team.
– Players aged 18 – 20 are eligible to play for the pro or farm club of whatever team owns their rights.
– Players aged 18 – 20 may be moved to their former Junior Team at any point of the season.
– Players aged 18 – 20 may be moved to the pro or farm club at any point of the season with the following exception:
– Players that are on the Junior Team and have already played a game on the Pro or Farm team in this season may not be moved back up to the Pro or Farm… basically if they have played any Pro/Farm games during the Regular Season or Playoffs and are moved back to the Junior Team, they may not be moved back up.
– At age 21 undrafted Junior players will become Free Agents.

Junior Injury / Suspension Toggle
Speaking of the Juniors, we’ve added a new toggle to disable injuries and suspensions from the junior leagues. If you have enabled Injuries/Suspensions for the league overall, you can now disable it for the Juniors only.

Waivers & Trades
We’ve updated the code to remove players on waivers from being offered up in trades. Additionally, when placing a player on waivers any open transactions involving the player will become void. This is to reflect the current rules surrounding Waivers & Trades in the NHL. Once the player has cleared waivers they will then be eligible for new trade offers.

Bug Fixes

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an issue where salaries were being incorrectly changed to dollars instead of comparing at millions. This resulted in the AutoGM always declining trades. Released Sept.16.2014.