QA is Open for UHS-Dark


UHS-Dark has been deployed to our QA sub-domain and is open for everyone to test.

Since this is “QA”, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you create a new league to test in.  You can use the “CREATE LEAGUE” button on the UHS News page (shown by default when you first arrive at the new site) to create a new league using either the blank template or the current NHL settings (players, standings, teams, etc).   If you decide you want to use the new UI with your live/current league while it’s in QA, you do so at your own risk.  I will absolutely try and help folks out but there is the potential of irrecoverable errors.

While testing out the QA version of UHS if you run into any problems, please post them in the UHS Technical Issues forums and clearly mark it in the header “QA”.

I’ve tested the system out quite a bit during development and have fixed up everything I could find.  I think we’re looking okay here.  I honestly don’t feel like there will be lots of bugs or issues as we did port it over from the old code (which did work) and made some performance fixes and layout changes.  Each section was put through a unit test before moving on the to the next section.  That being said…  I’m sure someone will find something that I’ve missed… which is the point of QA and opening it up to everyone.

I’ve disabled new league creation from the main site as I’d like the new leagues to focus on the new version of UHS instead of the current one.  The old jobs will continue working on our current leagues during this period.  The new jobs have had their start times reduced in half.  So instead of 10 minutes, jobs are going to be run every 5 minutes.  We’ll continue to monitor run-times and adjust as needed… it’s my hope that I can reduce the run times even shorter.

Have fun in there… be careful…  and please if you find anything that looks amiss, please report it to the UHS Technical Issues forum and tag it as a “QA” issue.