UHS Build 5016 Released

UHS CogThis will probably be one of the last releases for this design layout of UHS.  The re-design of the forums is complete and I’ll be turning my attention to the rest of the site and functionality.  I say probably only because if there are any urgent issues I’ll try and fix them up as soon as I can.  I’m sure something will come up.

BUILD: 5016
Release Date: January 8 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Winter 2012/13


Some very minor changes that warranted an upload and update of the build number. New design for forums is online. The new design for UHS will be using something very similar.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a parse error when attempting to manage the coach. Released as hotfix on December 10 2012.
– Not really a bug fix but… decreased the standard / base scoring chance from 8% to 7%. Released as hotfix on December 26 2012.