UHS Build 4992 Released

BUILD: 4992
Release Date: October 7 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Fall / Winter 2012


Free Agency: We’ve made a slight change to show UHS shows free agents. Previously a GM will go to the Free Agency page and a see all free agents that have had at least one bid made on them up at the top of the page… even if the bid wasn’t made by their team. When loading the Free Agency page now, a GM is only going to see the free agents that their team made a bid on at the top of the page. All other free agents will now appear to have 0 bids even if they actually do have bids. This is being done to encourage GMs to research their own talent and not rely on making bids to free agents that maybe only one team is interested in.

Coaches: We’ve brought coaches back in line with player salary and contract limits. Previously a coach was only allowed to have a contract length of 1 to 6 years and had a minimum salary of $0.1 million and no upper limit. Now coaches will have the same restrictions that player contracts have.

Bug Fixes
– Several cron jobs were updated to fix issues that were referencing old subscription packages. Released as hotfixes on Sept.18 2012.
– Fixed an issue where toggling the Allow Aging setting would be incorrectly applied to the Allow Rerates setting. Released as hotfix on Sept.23 2012.
– Fixed an issue where rerates were not happening correctly due to new settings not being loaded. Released as hotfix on Sept.23 2012.
– Fixed an issue where farm teams were not generating revenue for their pro teams. Released as hotfix on Sept.23 2012.
– Fixed an issue where an error may appear when creating a random new player. Released as hotfix on Sept.23 2012.
– Fixed an issue where players were not being aged properly. Released as hotfix on Sept.23 2012.
– Fixed an issue where free agents with an offer made more than 24 hours ago would not appear despite the Free Agent Offer Decision Time variable being longer.
– Fixed an issue where making a draft pick would not void any trade proposals that included the used pick.
– Fixed issues concerning coach contract and salary ranges not using the player min / max settings set by the COM.


Hockey Talk – Oct. 5 2012

And here we are again… what’s new to report on?  NHL labour talks, of course!

So…  they had SECRET meetings today in Toronto.  Good.  I hear they had a joint news conference.  AWESOME.  They both acknowledge they are going to start making compromises.  FANTASTIC!

What changed?  Was it the players going over to the KHL and playing games?  Nope.  Was it the league losing millions due to cancelling pre-season and now regular season games?  Not a chance.

The fact is the KHL signing North American TV deals has changed the whole situation for the owners.  They absolutely do not want the KHL getting ANY kind of coverage in North America so it’s actually added more of a push on the owners to really start making compromises.  It does give the players more of an upper hand at this point but honestly I don’t care.  I want to see NHL games again.  I want to see my Leafs “make improvements” and then lose… I want to see my Sharks dominate then choke in the playoffs…

I am a little optimistic at this point… this is the first sign of progess I’ve seen this year.

Lockout League Results
Florida 4 vs. Tampa Bay 3
Philadelphia 3 vs. Pittsburgh 1
Columbus 2 vs. St.Louis 3 (Over-Time)
Vancouver 3 vs. Colorado 4
Boston 5 vs. Buffalo 3
Washington 6 vs. Winnipeg 4
Phoenix 1 vs. San Jose 4
Edmonton 1 vs. Minnesota 3
New Jersey 2 vs. NY Islanders 3
Detroit 0 vs. Chicago 7
Montreal 2 vs. Toronto 5
Anaheim 2 vs. Dallas 4