Hockey Talk – Sept.29 2012

Alrighty…  three items I wanted to cover tonight…

Katz apologizes:  ‘It was the wrong message to send.’  Well… actually…  the fans said they weren’t going to put up with your BS and gave the owner the finger for once.  As much as I love to bug one of my friends about being an Edmonton fan, I must applaud the fans with their solidarity over not dealing with strong-arm tactics from another owner.  Katz knows he’s busted…  so we put out a full-page ad to apologize.  Good for the apologies but you wouldn’t have had to do it if you weren’t trying to put the screws to city council.

Nash Injured: Yep…  he got hurt…  but I don’t think it’s going to be a bad one.  The article on says it was a shoulder injury and he actually played another shift after he got hurt…  he was pulled for precautionary reasons.  Sure.  Okay.  But when someone does get hurt…  and BADLY…  the players should already know they kiss any financial coverage good-bye from their NHL clubs when a deal finally gets worked out.  If the players are so “solid” against the owners they shouldn’t be playing at all.

CBA Talks: Is it any surprise that a private meeting between Bettman and Fehr got them nowhere.  Apparently the discussion today was to figure out HOW to come to an agreement.  If they can’t even agree on how to agree…  there are problems.  I’m pretty sure the whole discussion boiled down to Fehr trying to pitch his revenue-sharing idea while Bettman kicked his ass out the door reminding he wasn’t having any of that.  Anyways…  yipee…  looks like the NHL is going to be cancelling some of it’s regular season games soon…  article says to expect an announcement half way through the week. NHL Lockout League Pre-Season Scoreboard

New York Rangers 0 vs. Philaadelphia Flyers 2
Ottawa Senators 2 vs. Boston Bruins 5
Columbus Blue Jackets 4 vs. Detroit Red Wings 5
Edmonton Oilers 2 vs. Colorado Avalanche 0
Buffalo Sabres 3 vs. Montreal Canadiens 6
Winnipeg Jets 4 vs. Washington Capitals 3
San Jose Sharks 1 vs. Anaheim Ducks 6
Minnesota Wild 3 vs. Calgary Flames 2
Phoenix Coyotes 0 vs. Dallas Stars 2
Pittsburgh Penguins 3 vs. New Jersey Devils 1
Tampa Bay Lightning 6 vs. Florida Panthers 1
Nashville Predators 4 vs. Chicago Blackhawks 1

The NHL Lockout League is hosted by using the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS). We love hockey as much as you do… this is the closest we’re going to come to real NHL hockey any time soon. You can find all the stats and scores at We will sim on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can support this NHL Lockout League by “Liking” our Facebook page

Hockey Talk – Sept.28 2012

A bit of a change to our format here…  we’re going to start bringing back the hockey commentary (if you are interested in adding your own commentary, please contact me).  We used to do a weekly round-up of NHL action back in the day but time became a limited commodity in my household.  We’re aiming for shorter, quicker updates that will coincide with the Lockout League’s schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Today the NHL and NHLPA are going to be meeting for the first since the lockout started.  They put three days aside to try and hash things out…  this comes at the heals of the NHL announcing they’ve cancelled all of the season’s regularly scheduled pre-season games.  I keep hearing reports that there doesn’t seem to be the same animosity between Bettman and Fehr only that they have a mutual respect of one another.  I’m not sure I necessarily buy it.  The owners loved having the union broken and all this jockeying just screams to me both groups are trying to say their member is larger.

I am cynical about this whole process.  I would love to be wrong but I’ve already gone on record stating the whole season is going to be canned.  I would LOVE to be wrong…  I miss watching the Leafs play like crap and my Sharks choke in the playoffs.  The owners have made fairly large concessions already but it seems the union’s target has been to put out deals based on “creative accounting” designed to get the owners at each other’s throats.  Bettman cut their last meeting short when it was clear the union wasn’t moving away from their version of things.

I think this is really going to be determined by the union.  If a deal is going to be done, they’re going to have to see things the owner’s way and at least bargain using their methodology not something completely different.  From how things are going now it looks like the union has the upper hand…  players are playing overseas (yes, not all…) and the owners are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting.  You will NOT see the NHL play games with replacement players… that would be horrid and even bigger F-U to the fans.

When it’s all said and done we all want hockey back but I would hold your breath.  Let’s hope the news coming out of New York is good. NHL Lockout League Pre-Season Scoreboard

Edmonton Oilers 2 vs. Vancouver Canucks 0
Ottawa Senators 1 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs 4
San Jose Sharks 5
 vs. Los Angeles Kings 4 (Shoot-Out)
St. Louis Blues 2 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets 5
Montreal Canadiens 4 vs. Buffalo Sabres 2
Anaheim Ducks 1 vs. Phoenix Coyotes 5
Winnipeg Jets 4 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (Over-Time)
Calgary Flames 2 vs. Minnesota Wild 4
New Jersey Devils 1 vs. Philadelphia Flyers 3
Carolina Hurricanes 3 vs. Florida Panthers 0
Detroit Red Wings 3 vs. Nashville Predators 1
Pittsburgh Penguins 3 vs. New York Rangers 2

The NHL Lockout League is hosted by using the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS). We love hockey as much as you do… this is the closest we’re going to come to real NHL hockey any time soon. You can find all the stats and scores at We will sim on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can support this NHL Lockout League by “Liking” our Facebook page


NHL Lockout Pre-Season – Sept 26 2012

Hey guys… good news… the NHL and NHLPA are going to meet on Friday.  Wow…  why not just meet today?  Totally feels like both sides have a sense of urgency to get the new CBA completed so they can salvage the season…  yeah…  I thought you might notice my sarcasm.  It’s hard to feel any sort of optimism when it’s clear both sides were ready for (and relishing the idea of) a lockout.

And back to the Edmonton front…  the mayor of Edmonton responds to the Oilers owner taking a trip to Seattle with (paraphrasing) “good luck drawing fans”.  Really?  The Oilers are clearly in the driver’s seat here.  IF this whole thing is legitimate the Oilers can move to Seattle (or Quebec City)…  You would think that the city council would find a way to come up with 6 million (I know it’s not the money… it’s the principal of the issue)…  I will guarantee you that any mayor of Edmonton can kiss their re-election good-bye if they lose the Oilers on their watch.  The owner is a complete ass but unfortunately in this case he’s holding all the cards.

I’m going to be a bit busy to add my usual in-game descriptions for each of the games.  I’ll just be giving you the scores tonight.

Buffalo Sabres 7 vs. Ottawa Senators 6
Nashville Predators 2 vs. St.Louis Blues 6
Pittsburgh Penguins 4 vs. Philadelphia Flyers 1
New York Rangers 2 vs. New York Islanders 1
Boston Bruins 8 vs. Montreal Canadiens 4
Winnipeg Jets 3 vs. Florida Panthers 1
San Jose Sharks 2 vs. Phoenix Coyotes 5
Calgary Flames 4 vs. Edmonton Oilers 1
Chicago Blackhawks 2 vs. Detroit Red Wings 6
Colorado Avalanche 4 vs. Vancouver Canucks 3
Carolina Hurricanes 7 vs. Washington Capitals 2
Anaheim Ducks 5 vs. Los Angeles Kings 2

The NHL Lockout League is hosted by using the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS). We love hockey as much as you do… this is the closest we’re going to come to real NHL hockey any time soon. You can find all the stats and scores at We will sim on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can support this NHL Lockout League by “Liking” our Facebook page

NHL Lockout Pre-Season – September 24 2012

Today is Game Day 2 of the pre-season.  In the news today…  the NHL and NHLPA have decided to meet…  to sign off on the accounting documents for last season.  You know what would be great?  They could sign off on some documents for this season and drop the puck already!

Ah yes… there’s also the tweet from a stenographer concerning the Oilers’ future in Edmonton should their arena deal fall through.  Did you also know the owners had already gone to Quebec City to have a look at the plans for their new state of the art facility that they plan to build?  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in that.

Florida Panthers 5 vs. Carolina Hurricanes 2
Stephen Weiss had a goal and two assists in the victory for Florida.  Although the first period’s shot totals didn’t favour them so well, the Panthers scored twice on three shots.  Carolina was able to bounce back in the second with goals from LaRose and Pitkanen (PP).  Ellerby (PP) notched one early in the third period that ended up being the game winner.

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 vs. Buffalo Sabres 1
The Leafs started out the game strong with three unanswered goals in the first period from Phaneuf, Lupul and Lombardi.  Buffalo was able to make it interesting on a PP goal from Vanek, but Phaneuf notched an empty netter for his second goal of the night to secure the win.

Vancouver Canucks 5 vs. Minnesota Wild 4 (Shoot-Out)
This was a wild one… no pun intended.  Vancouver had two goals from Bieksa (one SH), Kesler and Hansen.  The Wild had goals from Heatley, Parise, Clutterbuck and Koivu (SH).  It was a goaltender’s duel in the shoot-out.  Backstrom and Luongo were both solid.  In the sixth round, Hamhuis finally got one past Backstrom.  Luongo stopped Cullen to give the Canucks the win.

New Jersey Devils 1 vs. New York Rangers 3
Although the Devils came out strong in the first period they just couldn’t keep up with the Rangers for the rest of the game.  It had the look of a wild one as the teams combined for 27 shots in the first period alone.  The Rangers maintained their pressure while the Devils managed 7 shots in the second period and a miniscule 1 shot in the third.  The Rangers won on goals from Stralman (PP), Del Zotto and Gaborik.

New York Islanders 0 vs. Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Shoot-Out)
The Flyers really took it to the Islanders tonight doubling their shot totals 39 – 19.  Nabokov played great in goal stopping all 39 Flyers shots.  Overtime solved nothing so the teams went to a shoot-out.  Bryzgalov and Nabokov equally played well but it wasn’t until the final shot of the fifth round that Coburn managed to sneak one past the Islanders netminder.

Dallas Stars 6 vs. Anaheim Ducks 3
This game was decided by special teams…  seven of the nine goals scored came on the powerplay.  Dallas went 4 / 9 while Anaheim went 3 / 8.  Anaheim had goals from Ryan (PP), Allen (PP) and Selanne (PP).  The Stars won the game with goals from Fiddler (2, 1 on the PP), Nystrom (PP), Robidas (PP), Eriksson (PP) and Rome.

Colorado Avalanche 2 vs. Edmonton Oilers 4
This was a pretty tight game.  Goals from Schultz and Eberle for Edmonton and McGinn (PP) and O’Reilly for Colorado had this game tied at two until the late stages of the third period.  Horcoff scored the go-ahead goal (and game winner) with less than two and a half minutes remaining in the third period.  Hemsky potted an empty netter to finish the Avs off.

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 vs. Washington Capitals 3 (Over-Time)
The Capitals seemed to have this game in hand even after they had a sloppy first period.  Tampa scored twice on seven shots.  While the Caps came out strong in the second, both clubs notched goals and it wasn’t until the Caps pulled their goaltender for the extra attacker that they could tie the game up. Backstrom scored with just under a minute to force the game to OT.  Tampa wouldn’t hear any nonsense…  specifically Stamkos scored fourteen seconds into OT to give Tampa the win.

Boston Bruins 4 vs. Ottawa Senators 8
It’s possible that Tim Thomas could be showing signs of his age.  He allowed all 8 goals in the Bruins loss and was pulled half-way through the third period.  Daniel Alfredsson (2-2), Milan Michalek (1-3) and Erik Karlsson (1-3) all had four-point nights.  Despite the blow-out, the Bruins Bergeron was the lone bright star for the team scoring twice and having a zero plus-minus.

Phoenix Coyotes 1 vs. Los Angeles Kings 4
The Coyotes were just no match for LA.  Gordon scored the lone goal for Phoenix on the powerplay half-way through the first.  The team weathered a 15-shot first period by the Kings but finally showed weakness in the second and third.  Goals from Scuderi (2 on the PP), Williams (PP) and Greene (EN) finished the ‘Yotes off.

Nashville Predators 3 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets 1
Columbus put out a great effort tonight but just didn’t have enough to solve Pekka Rinne…  what else is new?  Dubinsky did score for the Jackets on the powerplay in the second period but goals from Gill, Smith (PP) and Erat (PP) gave Nashville the win.  Rinne allowed only the one goal on 43 shots.

Detroit Red Wings 2 vs. St. Louis Blues 1
This one was decided early on.  Powerplay goals from Bertuzzi and Filppula were enough for the Red Wings victory.  St. Louis had a powerplay marker from Backes in the dying seconds of the second period.  While St. Louis pressed in the third, Jimmy Howard just closed the door and held on for the win.

The NHL Lockout League is hosted by using the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS).  We love hockey as much as you do… this  is the closest we’re going to come to real NHL hockey any time soon.  You can find all the stats and scores at  We will sim on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  You can support this NHL Lockout League by “Liking” our Facebook page


NHL Lockout Pre-Season – Sept.22 2012

The NHL Lockout Pre-Season kicked off tonight with twelve games.  All teams will be playing their divisional rivals twice during the pre-season for a total of eight games.  You can find all stats and scores at

The Lockout Pre-Season is scheduled to run from September 22 to October 10.  Games are played on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  We will be posting game results here so you can follow along with the action.  You can support this NHL Lockout League by “Liking” our Facebook page:

Anaheim Ducks 3
vs. San Jose Sharks 2 (OT)
The Ducks took a 2-1 lead on two PP goals from Smith-Pelly but the Sharks tied it late in the 2nd from Galiardi.  Selanne scored the short-handed OT winner at 1:19, assisted by Hiller.


Toronto Maple leafs 1 vs. Ottawa Senators 2 (Shoot-out)
Karlsson and van Reimsdyk (PP) scored the only goals for their clubs.  Phaneuf scored the only Toronto SO goal.  Alfredsson and Phillips scored Ottawa’s SO goals.


Florida Panthers 2 vs. Washington Capitals 4
The Capitals dominated play in Florida, out-shooting the Panthers 33 – 20.  Newly acquired Mike Ribeiro had a goal (PP) and two assists.


Nashville Predators 5 vs. Detroit Red Wings 3
While the Red Wings out-shot the Predators, a strong 1st period gave them the lead.  The Preds scored 3 goals on 7 shots in the 1st while Rinne only gave up 1 goal on 15 shots by the Wings.


Columbus Blue Jackets 6
vs. Chicago Blackhawks 3

Going into the third period, the Jackets had a 3-0 lead.  The ‘Hawks began to claw back with goals from Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya.  Columbus would answer those with goals from Wisniewski and Anisimov.  A late goal by Erixon sealed the deal.


Dallas Stars 3 vs. Los Angeles Kings 5
The defending Stanley Cup Champions certainly had their hands full.  After a tied first period, goals from Williams and Richards in the second gave the Kings a 4-2 lead.  Smith scored on the PP in the third to make it close but Carter potted an EN goal to secure the win.


Minnesota Wild 1 vs. Colorado Avalanche 5
The Wild had trouble finding their step tonight.  The Avalanche nearly double the Wild’s shot total (43 – 24).  A four-goal first period by the Avs took the crowd out of this one early.


Calgary Flames 2 vs. Vancouver Canucks 4
This was a tight game.  The Flames ended the second period with a 2-1 lead.  The Canucks scored twice half-way through the third from Ballard (SH) and Higgins.  Bieksa notched an empty-netter to get the win.  Luongo stopped 26 of 28 shots.


New York Islanders 3 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 1
Despite dominating the first period in shots, the game remained scoreless.  Bailey and Nielsen scored for New York and Martin scored for Pittsburgh in the second period.  The Islanders turned the jets on in the third but Fleury kept the Pens in the game.  Carkner scored the empty-net goal to give the Islanders the win.


Buffalo Sabres 7 vs. Boston Bruins 4
No one was expecting this kind of offense from the Sabres.  Goals from Leopold (PP), Vanek, Leino and Myers pretty much wrapped this game up for the Sabres.  To Boston’s credit they continued  push back with goals from Kelly (2), Paille and Boychuk (PP) but the damage was already done.


Carolina Hurricanes 5 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 3
This was a close one to watch.  The ‘Canes had a 3-1 lead after the first on goals from Semin, McBain (PP) and Jordan Staal (PP).  Tampa tied it with goals in the second from Salo (PP) and Stamkos.  Jordan Stall notched his second of the night early in the third and also potted the empty netter to clinch the game.  Jordan Stall had 3 goals on the night.  Alex Semin had a 4-point night with 1 goal and 3 assists.


New York Rangers 5 vs. New Jersey Devils 2
After a strong 1st period by the Devils with goals from Clarkson and Henrique, the Rangers fought back.  Goals from Hagelin (2), Gaborik (2) and Stepan (PP) saw the Rangers score four times in the closing period.


NHL Lockout League!

Tired of all the news about the lockout…  you hear about the owners sitting on their hands…  and the players heading over to Europe…  but there’s no NHL hockey here to watch…  that’s about to change!

Unfortunately I don’t have a seat at the bargaining table, but I have the next best thing.

Over the course of this season will be simming the entire NHL pre-season and regular season.  Cancelled games??  HAH!

We’ve updated all teams to reflect their rosters as per the website.

We’ll be simming games four times a week:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The pre-season will run from Saturday September 22 to Wednesday October 10.

The regular season will run from Friday October 12 to Friday March 15.  We tried to get the schedule to end around April 13 but couldn’t manage to get this done… it was either March 15 or April 28…  we chose the former so we could start playoffs while there was still snow on the ground.

We’ll make regular posts after each game day to let you know game results and scores.  You can also follow the league at

Build 4946 Released

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By Unlocking UHS for a one-time fee of $10 CAD you will now receive:
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Any user in the league can pay the Unlocking fee.. it is no longer restricted to the COM or Owner.

New Toggles / Switches
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