UHS Build 4872 Released

BUILD: 4872
Release Date: July 11 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Summer 2012


Premium Service Changes:
– Effective immediately we are discontinuing the FTP premium subscription service. As such if there are any options, reports or pages that you would like shown for your league’s web template, please let us know by email or make a post in the UHS General forums.
– Additionally, since FTP is no longer being offered, we are also reducing our premium prices for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. A monthly subscription will now cost $4.99 CAD / month while an annual subscription will save you a dollar off the monthly rate; you’ll have a yearly fee of $47.88 CAD which works out to $3.99 / month.
– We are also lowering our Save Lines rate to 99 CENTS / month as we are no longer going to have to account for FTP storage / usage.

Incoming Trade Notification: If you have opted in to receive emails from UHS you will now receive an email notification whenever a team you run receives a new trade proposal.

Free Agency:
– COMs can now set the number of hours it takes before a free agent will sign. The default is 24 hours.
– COMs can now set the number of hours a GM has to wait after a declined free agent offer. This will prevent users from simply hitting refresh and waiting to hit the 10% minimum chance for signing.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where queuing games with Regular mode would result in a timestamp error. Released as hotfix on July 6 2012.

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UHS Build 4839 Released – Save Custom Lines

BUILD: 4839
Release Date: July 5 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Summer 2012

This build was dedicated to pretty much only one thing: Save Lines.

GMs will now have the ability to save their pro and farm team custom lines. Some notes about this new feature:

– Save as many lines as you want.
– Lines will be stored based on your user name, pro/farm team and line type (3- or 4-Line).
– Load your lines with a single click.
– Save Lines is a premium service and is available by subscription on a per-user basis only.

To make room for the new Save Lines feature, we’ve temporarily removed the Swap Lines feature. I really don’t know how long it will be until Swap Lines comes back since no one really seemed to care about seeing it go away. Although the addition of Save Lines would pretty much remove the need for Swap Lines.

Bug Fixes


SaveLines Tables added to Core UHS DB. Not accessible by FTP Subscribers

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UHS Build 4822 Released

BUILD: 4822
Release Date: July 1 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Summer 2012


Happy Canada Day!

This is primarily a bug-release build, however, we are happy to announce that the All Players and All Goaltenders stats pages are now sortable by column header. Click the column header to sort by that stat, then click it again to reverse the order.

Additionally, you will now find a “Compare Player” button on the player profile page. Clicking this will allow you to compare that player against any active player in your league.

Bug Fixes
– To help address the issue of roster/line errors not showing up correctly, we’ve added additional functionality to the roster/line checker code before a game is simmed. If there is an error at that time, the team will then be flagged (or re-flagged) to allow the COM to fix the issue. Previously, the COM would need to wait for the GR/CL checking job to run in order to correct the issue.
– Fixed an issue where AutoGM teams would not be able to select any player during the very late stages of an inaugural draft. This issue would happen more when there were limited players available for selection.
– Fixed an issue where queued live games could result in 0-0 scores if the date/time format was invalid. Further checks for a valid date/time have been added.



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