UHS Build 4802 Released

BUILD: 4802 
Release Date: June 17 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Summer 2012


This build is relatively small.  It has centered mainly around changes to the Premium Package and services we offer.

Premium Package: There is only one Premium Package now.  We have rolled in Exclusive Cron Jobs, FTP Access, No-Ads League, and Unlimited SavePoints into one package for a low monthly price of $9.99.  Of course, we will continue to unlock Unlimited Seasons for free for subscribing for at least a month.

We are also offering different payment frequencies.  The longer the frequency, the lower the monthly cost:

Monthly: $9.99 / month
Quarterly: $8.99 / month (you are billed $26.97 every 3 months).
Semi-Annually: $7.99 / month (you are billed $47.94 every 6 months).
Annually: $6.99 / month (you are billed $83.88 once a year).

You will still continue to be able to purchase unlimited seasons separately for a one-time fee of $9.99 and No-Ads Individual for $1.99 / month.

Sim Engine Changes
We made a few changes to help improve scoring and shots numbers:
– We’ve reduced the chance to flub a shot.  You’ll likely see less of these events.
– Slightly reduced the chance for shots to miss the net.
– Reduced the number of seconds per cycle to increase the number of cycles per game.

Goalie Fatigue: This will now appear next to the goalie’s name in the Game Roster drop-down for goalies.  This was accidentally removed during the previous build.

Release Players: COMs can now release players.  A player being released will be placed in Free Agency as a UFA.

New Report – Player Streaks: COMs now have access to a new report to show them the Hot or Cold streak that players are on in their league.

Unprotected Players: For leagues going through Expansion Drafts, the GM will have a new tool to show them all unprotected players.  This will show for all leagues, however, it really is only useful during expansion drafts (which are handled manually by the COM).

Career Stat – Retired / Active Toggle: You can now toggle whether to show retired players in the career stats section.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where retired players were appearing for selection for team’s game rosters.  Released as hotfix on June 18 2012.
– Fixed an issue where setting lines would result in an error.  Released as hotfix on June 18 2012.
– Fixed an issue where a GM setting their farm lines would take them to their pro lines and give them a “no duplicates” error.  Released as hotfix on June 18 2012.
– Fixed an issue where a GM setting their farm PK lines in 3-Line format would give them a “no duplicates” error.  Released as hotfix on June 19 2012.
– Fixed an issue where the Height and Weight column headers were not appearing for the Available Prospects report.



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Tim Thomas Waives No-Trade Clause

Sportsnet has reported that Tim Thomas has waived his no-trade clause.  See the full article here.

I’ll speculate that Thomas could wind up heading to Vancouver or Toronto.

As a Leaf fan and a newly converted Thomas fan I know he’s proven himself now but he IS starting to get a tad on the older side.  I think Thomas would hands down be better than the goalies the Leafs have right now but how would this move be a build for the future?  Perhaps Thomas steps in for a season or two while we wait for Reimer or Scrivens to really step it up?

If Thomas goes to Vancouver…  who is it for?  Does Luongo get swapped or Schneider?  Can you imagine Thomas getting moved to Vancouver to be the #1 goalie… and Luongo is the backup?  How humiliating…  I don’t know if Vancouver could support Thomas’ contract if they kept Luongo on.

Anyone think Thomas is going to be moved during the draft?

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2012 NHL Awards Round-up

Here’s a round-up of this year’s NHL Award winners:

Hart Memorial Trophy – League MVP: Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins

Vezina Trophy – Top Goalie: Henrik Lundqvist – New York Rangers

James Norris Memorial Trophy – Top Defenseman: Erik Karlsson – Ottawa Senators

Calder Memorial Trophy – Top Rookie: Gabriel Landeskog – Colorado Avalance

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy – Most Gentlemanly Player: Brian Campbell – Florida Panthers

Frank J. Selke Trophy – Best Defensive Forward: Patrice Bergeron – Boston Bruins

Jack Adams Award – Top Coach: Ken Hitchcock – St. Louis Blues

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy – Perserverence: Max Pacioretty – Montreal Canadiens

Ted Lindsay Award – MVP as voted by players: Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins

Bridgestone Messier Leadership Award: Shane Doan – Phoenix Coyotes

NHL Foundation Award – Community-Minded: Mike Fisher – Nashville Predators

General Manager of the Year: Doug Armstrong – St. Louis Blues

Maurice Richard Trophy – Most Goals: Steven Stamkos – Tampa Bay Lightning

Art Ross Trophy – Most Points: Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins

William M. Jennings Trophy – Best Team GAA: Brian Elliott & Jaroslav Halak – St.Louis Blues

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UHS Build 4769 Released

BUILD: 4769 
Release Date: June 17 2012
Next Planned Release Date: Summer 2012[BUILD NOTES]

No Need for Account Hopping!
Are you running your own league by yourself?  Or do you need to go and manually set one of your GM’s rosters and can’t use the Auto-Correct feature?  The only way you could do that was to create a separate account and assign it to the team in question, then log into that account, do your work, then log back into the COM account to sim the games.

Not anymore!  All COMs are now able to access a team’s Game Roster, Game Lines and Shootout List from the Team Management area.  Simply click on the team name you want to maintain and you’ll find these three new links in the Team Options menu in the left table of contents.  I can tell you personally that this saved me a BUNCH of time while we were simming the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Save-Point Refresh Button
COMs now have a refresh button available to allow them to simply click to see the updated status of any of their savepoint load or save jobs.  The button is located right beside the Help button.

Creating Makeweights
I wanted to comment a bit on the makeweight creation options.  Now that Forwards have been introduced creating makeweights for a team is a bit more tricky.  Since a player can potentially be a F it means that the vacant spot may not necessarily be filled when the new player is created.  But if you go to create makeweights a second time the remaining spots should be filled appropriately…  although I have seen some cases where a third round may be necessary for teams that got completely decimated by injuries and suspensions.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where trades appearing in the Recent Incoming and Recent Outgoing would have a date of Dec.31 1969.  Released as hotfix on April 29 2012.
– Fixed an issue where teams could not see other free agent coaches.  Released as hotfix on April 30 2012.
– When multiple teams have the same highest bid on a free agent the winner will be randomly chosen from those teams.  Released as hotfix on May 4 2012.
– Fix an issue where the farm team game roster set was not properly considering the new Forward position.  Released as hotfix on May 4 2012.
– Fixed an issue where blog entries would not properly display an embedded youtube video.  Released as hotfix on May 9 2012.
– Fixed an issue where the Team Buy Makeweight option would not return the correct number of makeweights to create for the individual team.
– Fixed an issue where clicking the GR link in the COM Team Management page would not fix the roster if the team had a F player.
– Fixed an issue where the Makeweight Drafter would not show the proper teams or positions needed.
– Fixed an issue where the Auto-Correct All Rosters & Lines buttons would not consider the new F position.
– Fixed an issue where GMs would have the option to put a player on waivers even if they were already on waivers.



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