Bettman Makes the First Move

The Hockey News has run an article on the NHL giving the Players “notice” that they want to either terminate or amend the current CBA.  Their deadline was this Friday.  I can agree that the players are in a fairly good spot and would not want to terminate the notice although I’m sure Fehr wants the Players to have more say.  Let’s not forget what this is really about.

It’s a pissing contest.

From everything we’ve heard there is nothing really wrong with the CBA except for some loopholes concerning long-term contracts.  Fehr is new to the PA (well… he was kicked out… then brought back in) so he has got to make a statement to Bettman that he’ll be as good or even better than Goodenow.  But that’s ALL that this is really about.  As much as people hate Bettman and some of his decisions, overall he has done the league some good.  He is absolutely making the right decision by wanting to amend the CBA and clear up some of these loopholes.

And yes…  Bettman is also freely participating in said pissing contest.  He’s the “old dog”…  he’s not going to let some new guy come in and elevate the NHLPA when he gave them the smack-down last time around.

What this means is that we are closer than ever to having no hockey this October.

Fans…. please enjoy the playoffs….  it’s the last good hockey you’re going to get for a while.

Queue up WHL2, Amateur teams claim the Cup, etc…

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Italy’s Backup Doing His Job

I loved this so much I had to share it.  As I have an Italian heritage, I love it when my countrymen stick it to the other guys…  especially since we’re not exactly known as a hockey nation.  Heck I even joked I could probably play for their national team.  Anyone think the backup looks a bit like Roberto Luongo at first glance?

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