Let’s Go Blue Jays

Yes… Let’s Go Blue Jays…  Is it at all possible that Leaf fans are finally fed up?

Keep dreaming.  We all know the chant was merely done to express our disdain at the state of the team.

And, yes…  I admit it…  I am a Leafs fan.  Only the San Jose Sharks comes second and I have been a fan of them since their inception (yes.. Pat Falloon!!!).

Back to the dreary Leafs.  Another year and here are again.  No Playoffs since the lock-out.  Another spring where all the fans can go wonder what next season will bring.

Unfortunately, as attendance records show, that while we still “somewhat” support our Jays we are absolutely a hockey town first.  If we truly were a baseball town we’d be there through thick and thin…  since the back-to-back world series and then Lock-Out…  well… that pretty much killed baseball in the hearts of a lot of fans.  There are die-hards…  yes I like to watch them once in a while, but overall… we are a hockey town.

No matter how much the Leafs stink, we’ll be there to sell out the arena.

In any case, check out this clip from SportsNet…  I love the jersey on the old guy at the end.  I have a feeling he’ll have long since passed before he can take that shirt off.  http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2012/03/30/toronto_maple_leafs_blue_jays_lets_go/

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Strike / Lockout Looming

The media has been saying for quite a while now… expect some kind of a work stoppage.

The hockey news ran an article about Bettman basically saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) “We’re ready to negotiate when you are…” and you know…  the NHLPA has been stalling.  Call me a cynic but I think that since day 1 Fehr has known he’s going down this road so he can basically prove he has a penis too.

In the end, yet again, the fans will lose out.

On the other hand… it could be a win.

How many small market teams are going to be able to survive this stoppage?  Don’t fool yourselves… it’s going to be a long one.  Think back to the last one.

Does Phoenix finally go the way of the dodo?  Who else would not be able to survive this?  Augh.

Hockey News article: http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/45660-Bettman-says-hes-ready-to-bargain-whenever-NHL-players-union-ready-contract-expires-Sept.html

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Radulov Arrives in Nashville

Alexander Radulov has returned to the NHL.

Now you Nashville fans out there are going to hate me, but really…  was he allowed to return to the team only because he was on an entry-level contract?  Now I’m not saying that Nashville are going to be the favourite to win it, but they became a whole lot dangerous.  Radulov, Weber, Rinne.  Those three alone will crush you.

I seem to recall something about Turco joining Boston…  he wouldn’t be allowed into the playoffs as he hadn’t played a game with them before the trade deadline (or was that an NHL game before the deadline).

In either case, Radulov return right to Nashville is a no-no in my books.

1 – Make him go through waivers just like everyone else.  If the team couldn’t keep their player, regardless of what contract he’s on, then he should be subject to the same rules as everyone else.

2 – Radulov should not even be allowed to play for Nashville in the playoffs.  He hasn’t played NHL hockey since 2008.  Why allow him..?  Entry level contract…  give me a break.

I am actually a fan of Nashville and like what they did last season but this whole Radulov thing stinks.  Shouldn’t he have gone to Columbus (being last in the league and tops on waiver priority?)…  wouldn’t that have been something…?  Maybe Nash wouldn’t want to leave there after they scored Radulov.

Have a read through this brief sports net article: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2012/03/21/radulov_rejoins_predators_press_conference/

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Leafs Fire Wilson

After the “Fire Wilson” chants we all knew it was eventually going to happen.  With only two moves on deadline day and another two losses under their belt, Burke was pretty much forced to make the change.  Personally, I like Wilson.  I think he is a good, if not excellent, coach.  But the problem with ALL coaches is that they eventually lose their players.  It was pretty obvious that the players were no longer responding to the man.

I guess it’s probably a good time for Wilson though.  He got a contract extension for Christmas and now gets to earn some money by sitting on the sidelines cursing Leafs fans.  I think it was fairly evident that he didn’t gel with some of our guys (notably Kaberle… anyone remember Kab’s dad speaking out against Wilson??).  It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have the guys to really win some games for Wilson, although I will say our current crop is a lot better than what Wilson had started out with.

Wilson will join the long list of excellent coaches that were shown the door.

Now for the surprise (not) replacement…  Randy Carlyle.  The Toronto Maple Leafs are becoming the Anaheim Ducks of yesteryear.  Obviously Burke has connections over there but is Randy Carlyle really the best candidate?  Probably.  He and Burke won a Cup together back in 2007.

Randy Carlyle played 94 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs between the 1976-77 and 1977-78 seasons before being traded to Pittsburgh.  He scored 2 goals and added 16 assists and was a lovely -15.  After his stint in Toronto, Carlyle went on to Pittsburgh and Winnipeg and had a great career… which is typical of all Leafs rookies (keep an eye on Aulie… you’ll see…).

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