What a Month…

canadawomengoldI apologize in advance to my American friends… this will contain a bit of Canadian Gold talk…

So it’s not quite been a month but here we are with our first post since UHS went “Dark”.  I can’t lie…  my focus has pretty much been on taking my son out of kindergarten to watch the Men’s and Women’s ice hockey games.  The games against the USA were especially important…  the Americans had solid (if not, better!) teams than we did…  but somehow we pulled out wins.  The most important (and touching) of the two was the Women’s Gold Medal victory.

Being down 2-0 against the US with a mere 4 minutes left to go…  I started to question if the ladies could pull it off…  I kept telling my son, they have to score a goal NOW…  Very soon, otherwise they would simply run out of time.  Scoring a goal with 10 seconds left would be pretty much useless.  Sure enough fortune smiled upon us as our first goal went in off an American player.  That was the spark we needed.

Then… I gasped in HORROR as I witnessed the lineswoman look behind her and then skate directly into our defenseman…  the puck careened down the ice to the empty net… I thought for sure it was in.  Fortune once again smiled down on us…  Off the post.  Can you imagine what would have happened if that went in?  The game would have been done.  That Lineswoman would have been killed -if she lived here and we were Colombia.sochipost

The tying goal and winner were at least decent skilled goals…  although I was upset that no penalty shot was called I think the power play worked far better for us.

The ladies had me in tears (and to some extent the men, too)…  I was invested in both teams emotionally…  I jumped at each missed opportunity, swore at the refs for bad or missed calls (Japan’s goal on Russia anyone??) and my heart sank anytime the other team scored on us.  In the end we got it done.  We dug in and pulled out victories.  I keep hearing the saying “Canadian hockey players have heart.”  Of this I have no doubt.

On the UHS Front
I’ve been busy applying quite a few hotfixes, 29 in total as of this writing, from between February 9 to February 23.  For the most part I’d like to think that we’re pretty much clear of anything major…  but, as always, if anything comes up, I’ll get on it as soon as humanly possible.

The next build will be coming out this weekend… very likely around the late night Saturday / early morning Sunday time frame.  You can stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter feed to find out when we’re looking at UHS being back up.

This build will contain quite a few new things and some UI enhancements to make things a little easier to manage.  If you have a look at our Development fourm you’ll see quite a few items marked as “Done. Will be released with next  build.”  If you see anything that you want us to get a move on, please comment on those topics…  if there’s something you want or need that isn’t already in UHS or in the development forum, please feel free to start a new topic.