Tim Thomas Waives No-Trade Clause

Sportsnet has reported that Tim Thomas has waived his no-trade clause.  See the full article here.

I’ll speculate that Thomas could wind up heading to Vancouver or Toronto.

As a Leaf fan and a newly converted Thomas fan I know he’s proven himself now but he IS starting to get a tad on the older side.  I think Thomas would hands down be better than the goalies the Leafs have right now but how would this move be a build for the future?  Perhaps Thomas steps in for a season or two while we wait for Reimer or Scrivens to really step it up?

If Thomas goes to Vancouver…  who is it for?  Does Luongo get swapped or Schneider?  Can you imagine Thomas getting moved to Vancouver to be the #1 goalie… and Luongo is the backup?  How humiliating…  I don’t know if Vancouver could support Thomas’ contract if they kept Luongo on.

Anyone think Thomas is going to be moved during the draft?

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