Radulov Arrives in Nashville

Alexander Radulov has returned to the NHL.

Now you Nashville fans out there are going to hate me, but really…  was he allowed to return to the team only because he was on an entry-level contract?  Now I’m not saying that Nashville are going to be the favourite to win it, but they became a whole lot dangerous.  Radulov, Weber, Rinne.  Those three alone will crush you.

I seem to recall something about Turco joining Boston…  he wouldn’t be allowed into the playoffs as he hadn’t played a game with them before the trade deadline (or was that an NHL game before the deadline).

In either case, Radulov return right to Nashville is a no-no in my books.

1 – Make him go through waivers just like everyone else.  If the team couldn’t keep their player, regardless of what contract he’s on, then he should be subject to the same rules as everyone else.

2 – Radulov should not even be allowed to play for Nashville in the playoffs.  He hasn’t played NHL hockey since 2008.  Why allow him..?  Entry level contract…  give me a break.

I am actually a fan of Nashville and like what they did last season but this whole Radulov thing stinks.  Shouldn’t he have gone to Columbus (being last in the league and tops on waiver priority?)…  wouldn’t that have been something…?  Maybe Nash wouldn’t want to leave there after they scored Radulov.

Have a read through this brief sports net article: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2012/03/21/radulov_rejoins_predators_press_conference/

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